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“My stay at the cottage could not have been lovelier. This is by far the most special and picturesque place to stay on the Cape. The cottage itself provides a wonderful space to cook, read, and relax, always with the peaceful sense you're not far from the ocean. The view from the porch is extraordinary and the access to the beach makes you feel like it's your own. All these things will keep me coming back for as long as possible. Not to mention I'll be dreaming about it all year." -Marianne M.

"This cottage is warm, inviting and charming. It truly is a slice of paradise. A place to come and relax, no clock or schedule needed. Sunsets over the bay are perhaps the most beautiful in the world. Now that my children are older we have asked them if they would like to vacation some place different? Their response is always the same, "No way" We want to go back to Corn Hill". This spectacluar cottage gves you the rare opportunity to slow life down, even if only for a little while. The hardest part is leaving..."  -B.W.W.

"We have had the best Cape week of our lives in your cottage. We loved staying there so thoroughly it seems pointless even to list the things we loved because there was nothing that was not wonderful. The house is so beautiful, the setting so stunning, and the spirit of the community so welcoming that we can't wait to return. Our boys made fast friends with neighbors in the other cottages and enjoyed themselves about as much as possible, as did we."  -Susan

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